Two Paths and Ten Principles of Dharma

The Way of the Householder

  1. Life is inherently unsatisfactory. Therefore, a spiritual problem demands resolution.
  2. Indefinite numbers of buddhas have resolved the problem of human life each in their own time through the continuous rediscovery of the primordial tradition. Siddartha Gautama is the Buddha of our time.
  3. The problem of the human condition is resolved by understanding “the way things are” (the dharma). Wisdom.
  4. One attains happiness in ordinary life through the practice of virtue. Ethics.
  5. A fortunate rebirth may be obtained through the utilization of the law of karma by the practice of virtue and meditation. Therefore, one can ”intend” one’s future rebirth.

The Way of the Seeker

  1. Experience is infinitely intervolved, ephemeral, energetic, sentient, transdual, transrational, translinquistic, and essentially empty. Ontology.
  2. Liberation is experienced by the cultivation of wisdom and the practice of meditation and virtue. Soteriology.
  3. Meditation is the reflexive concentration of attention that results in tranquility, insight, and transcendence. Praxis.
  4. Wisdom is the immediate, direct, instantaneous, ultimate, and intuitive realization of “what is.” Metaphysics.
  5. The world is a quaternary characterized by horizontal and vertical polarities that are binary, hierarchical, and simultaneously ontological and psychological (psychoid). This quaterary is characterized by the progressive refinement of levels of sentience and inferior and superior degrees of suffering, which permeates the whole system. All these interact based on the law of karma, which creates the phenomenological conditions, and individual intention, which creates new karma, in a continuous temporal process. This entire system is nebulous, indefinite, constantly changing, indeterminate, and essentially cyclical. The entire world is populated by innumerable sentient beings of every imaginable kind, both visible and invisible, since infinitely differentiated reflexive sentience is an inherent potentiality of matter and reality. Cosmology.