Chroniker Press Releases First Digha Nikaya Commentary Since the Fifth Century

Toronto (April 26, 2016). Chroniker Press has released the paperback version of the first full commentary on the Digha Nikaya, regarded by scholars such as A.K. Warder as the oldest Buddhist text, in sixteen centuries. Conversations with the Buddha, written by Tseten Thokmey, the Buddhist name of Alexander Duncan, consists of a series of meticulous commentaries on the 34 suttas of the Digha Nikaya, together with the nine longest suttas of the Majjhima Nikaya. The book was originally offered to the Buddha Center as a series of talks. It is written from a non-sectarian, universalist perspective. Thokmey’s blog, Pali Meditations, is currently read in 138 countries. Thokmey is also the author of Buddhist Self-Ordination: A Dharma Strategy for the West, Khatas, Fundamental View: Ten Talks on the Pali Canon, and Dharma Notes, soon to be re-released in a fourth edition.  Conversations with the Buddha is 454 pages, costs US$28.20, and also appears in Google Books. It is also available from Chroniker Press in hardcover.