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The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 48.


The scholar seeks to learn more daily.
The follower of the process seeks less every day.
By consciously seeking less and less
One will come to complete non-action.
By the non-action of non-action
One controls everything under the sun without effort.
Trying to exercise direct control
Will only elicit the resistance of everything under the sun.




1 act study day increase
2 act process day lose
3 lose it again lose
4 in order to most in regard to not act
5 not act yet not-act
6 take sky under always because not work
7 reach it be work
8 not sufficient because take sky under


The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 76.


Human beings are born flexible and vulnerable
But when they die they become inflexible and rigid.
The grasses and the trees are also born flexible,
But when they die they dry up and distintegrate.
Therefore, he whose strength is unyielding  is the disciple of death,
But he who is adaptable is the disciple of life.
Truly, it is a rule that the strong army destroys itself.
It is a rule that the tree that cannot bend, snaps.
Superior power is subject to decline.
The flexible and adaptable prosper.



1 man it born also soft weak
2 it die also unyielding strength
3 grass tree also born soft clear and crisp
4 it die also dried up rotten
5 therefore unyielding strength person die it disciple
6 soft weak person life it disciple
7 truly because army strength rule extinguish
8 tree strength yet broken
9 strength big lives downwards
10 soft weak lives climb

The Book of the Right Way – 47.


Without going outside, everything under the sun may be known.
You don’t have to look outside the window to see the universal process.
The farther one travels
The less one knows.
Truly, because the sage
Travels not, he knows;
Sees not, he names;
Acts not, he succeeds.



1 not go out household know sky under
2 not peep window see sky process
3 it go out full far
4 it know full few
5 yes because sage man
6 not travel yet know
7 not see yet name
8 not act yet accomplish