The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 52



Everything under the sun has its origin in the female.
The female knows and is known to and in its offspring.
Therefore, the child seeks the mother in itself.
Such an one need not fear the death of the body.
Control the breathing, shut the doors of perception, for one who is diligent the death of the body is  not the end.
Do not control the breathing, identify with the process of being, and one is not saved when the body dies.
Meticulousness spells clarity, flexibility and adaptability spell strength.
He who makes himself bright returns to the light.
Truly, he who practices constantly is not touched by death.




1 sky under be begin because act sky under female
2 since get it female because know it child
3 since know it child repeat it guard it female
4 die body not dangerous
5 step it exchange shut it door and body not diligent
6 open it exchange and aid work and body not save
7 see it tiny speak clear guard soft speak strength
8 use it light repeat return it clear
9 not leave behind body calamity yes practice always