The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 74


The people don’t fear death.
What use is fearing death?
But even if people were made to fear death
And an executioner were willing
To do the deed and kill,
Who would dare?
The state has always murdered the murderer,
Yet men continue to kill and be killed by the state.
Truly, such men are trying to replace the master woodsman.
The man who tries to replace the master woodsman
Is unlikely not to hurt his hand!



1 people not fear dead
2 how can one help carry by means of dead fear it
3 like make people always fear die
4 yet act odd person
5 I get execute yet kill it
6 who dare
7 always be (rule is) state kill person kill
8 man age state kill person kill
9 yes speak of age big craftsman chop wood
10 man age big craftsman chop wood person
11 rare be not injury it hand !