The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 66


All rivers lead to the sea with the power of one hundred valley kings
Because of their inherent potential.
Therefore, they act as one hundred valley kings.
Truly, because the sage
Wishes to govern the people, he must make himself subject (to them).
Desiring to lead, first he must listen (to them).
Truly, because the sage
Lives in the heights, the people do not see him.
(Because he) is ahead, the people are not afflicted by him.
Truly, for this reason he rises to the top.
Because they do not struggle,
Therefore, no one under the sun can oppose them.


1 river sea it place because act as 100 valley king person
2 because such good under it
3 therefore can act 100 valley king
4 truly because the holy man
5 desire on top people certainly because speak under it
6 desire first people certainly because body after it
7 truly because holy man
8 reside on top yet people not serious
9 reside before yet people not trouble
10 truly because heaven under happy push yet not loathe
11 because such not fight
12 therefore heaven under there is none who can together with it fight