The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 65


In ancient times good prevailed because those who followed the way
Did not seek to educate the people.
Rather, they governed to keep the people foolish (like monkeys).
People are unruly.
When they know too much,
Therefore, because cunning governs the state,
The country is beset by thieves.
Not using cunning to govern
Is the country’s good fortune.

The person who distinguishes between the extremes
Reveres the paradigm.
Always remember to revere the paradigm –
Truly, this is called the secret virtue.
The occult virtue is profound!
Hard to understand! It reverses common sense!
Going back to the paradigm, one arrives at the primal continuity.


1 ancient it good because way person

2 not because understand the people

3 will in order to stupid it

4 people it problem rule

5 because such knowledge much

6 therefore because knowledge rule country

7 country it thief

8 not with knowledge rule country

9 country it good fortune

10 know this two person

11 also prostrate pattern

12 always know prostrate pattern

13 yes call mysterious virtue

14 mysterious virtue profound!

15 remote! take part in thing wrong side up!

16 correct back effort arriving big flowing