The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 62


The world does not understand him who follows the way.
To the good man, he is a treasure.
To the bad man, he is a refuge.
Truly, beautiful talk is honoured in the marketplace.
Truly, beautiful conduct is honoured by the superior man.
Bad men exist, so why reject them?
Therefore, when the royal man takes his place and the three ministers are appointed,
Others might pay homage to the king with gifts of horse-drawn chariots,
But those who follow the way pay no attention. Rather, they advance by not moving.
Why do the ancients thus honour those who follow the way?
Is it not said, “Seek, and ye shall find.
Evil is extinguished by sacrifice.”?
Therefore does the world value it.


1 way person 10,000 thing it mysterious
2 good person it precious
3 not good person it actually keep
4 beautiful talk certainly by market honour
5 beautiful conduct certainly by plus man
6 person it not good why abandon it be
7 therefore set up heaven son install three honourable
8 although be fold hands in salute jade so as to advance team of four horses horse
9 not heed advance sit this way
10 ancient it actually in order to precious this way person why
11 not speak seek so as to get
12 guilty in order to remove iniquity
13 therefore do heaven under precious