The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 54



That which is deeply rooted will not be torn up.
That which is deeply felt will not be taken away.
Thus the descendants and their descendants will continue to honour the traditions of their ancestors.
Righteousness becomes authentic in him who cultivates it in himself.
Righteousness is super-abundant when it is cultivated at home.
Righteousness expands indefinitely when it is cultivated in the community.
Righteousness is abundant when it is cultivated in the nation.
Righteousness becomes universal when it is cultivated in the world.
Therefore, the person regards themselves as a person.
The family regards the family as a family.
The community regards the community as a community.
The nation regards the nation as a nation.
The world regards the world as a world.
How do I know that the world is thus?
Because of this.




1 good establish person not pull up good embrace person not take off
2 child grandson offer sacrifice offer sacrifice to not stop
3 cultivate him in regard to person it virtue thus true
4 cultivate him in regard to home it virtue thus remainder
5 cultivate him in regard to village it virtue thus forever
6 cultivate him in regard to country it virtue thus abundant
7 cultivate him in regard to under sky it virtue thus everywhere
8 deliberately person see person
9 because family see family because country see country
10 because state see state because under heaven see under heaven
11 I whence know under heaven like this?
12 because this