The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 53



Were I to be made a bureaucrat, I must have knowledge
And I would follow the right way.
Truly, I would be right to fear.
The great path is commonplace
But the people love shortcuts.
The government is full of excesses,
But the fields are full of weeds
And the food stores stand empty.
But their dress is fancy,
Girded with double-edged swords,
Sated with food and drink,
Grasping at the surfeit of riches.
Truly, I call this ostentation pillage.
This is not the right way!




1 employ I between right have knowledge
2 go in regard to big way
3 only do be fear
4 big way very barbarian
5 and man fond of path
6 imperial court very divide
7 field very overgrown with weeds
8 barn very empty
9 clothes culture variegated
10 belt sharp sword
11 loathe drink food
12 money goods have remainder
13 we speak of plunder boast
14 not way also!