The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 51.



The process creates it, the power of merit cultivates (the process).
Matter shapes it, conditions complete it.
Truly, because in all the universe no one dishonours the process,
Or not hold merit precious, the process is honoured.
Nor does anyone esteem merit less than life itself
Because merit accords with reality. It is created by the process.
Merit cultivates it, develops it, and nourishes it.
It shelters it, heals it, supports it, and overflows (its boundaries).
Kinetic, not static; active and independent;
Ruling without government; truly (we say) this merit is mysterious.




1 process born it virtue raise it
2 matter shape it conditions complete it
3 yes because 10,000 thing there is none who not honour process
4 virtue and process honour each other
5 virtue it precious man there is none who it life
6 and always self correct reason process born it
7 virtue raise it always it nourish it
8 pavilion it cover it keep it overflow it
9 born and not be act and not rely upon
10 always and not rule truly speak of mysterious virtue


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