The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 50



To be born is to die.
3 out of 10 are creators.
3 out of 10 are destroyers.
Also 3 out of 10 both create and destroy.
Why? Because men are born and subject to change in the uncrossable land (the material world of death).
Life consumes itself.
The 1 who follows the highest principle absorbs the essence of life.
He wanders from place to place yet does not meet wild animals.
He does not meet the armour and weapons of armies.
No wild animal bites him.
The tiger finds no place to scratch.
The army finds no place to penetrate.
Why? Because the land is not uncrossable.




1 rise grow enter die
2 life it apprentice ten there are three
3 die it apprentice ten there are three
4 people it life change it in regard to die earth
5 also ten there are three
6 man why therefore because it born born it thick
7 top hear good absorb born person
8 land travel not meet with fierce tiger
9 enter army not by armour weapons
10 fierce not place send it tooth
12 tiger not place use it claw
13 army not place allow it edge of blade
14 man why therefore because it not die earth