The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 49


The sage’s heart is not his own.
It belongs to the heart of the people.
To the good I am good,
To the bad I am also good.
Such is the power of goodness.
To the true I am true,
To the false I am also true.
Such is the power of truth.
The sage lives in the world, self-effacing,
Because everything under the sun muddies his heart.
All the people watch him and listen.
Like children to the sages, the sages too are like children.





1 holy man not ever heart
2 because hundred name heart act heart
3 good person I good it
4 not good person I also good it virtue good
5 true person I true it
6 not true person not also true it virtue true
7 holy man exist day under [she] where (how)
8 act day under muddy it heart
9 100 name all pay attention it ear eye
10 holy man all child it