The Book of the Right Way by Laozi – 20


By no means should you study science, it will only worry you.

Everything changes.

What is good? What is bad?

It is said what others fear you should fear too,

But what is there to fear from roughing it? It’s not important!

There are many, many prosperous people. They live life too fast.

Life seems to evolve,

But I observe life as it were a play. I am anchored in my own solitude.

Do not be concerned about me.

I am like an infant that is not yet mature.

So tired! It seems as though there were nothing to do.

The multitude of people all seem to have everything. I alone seem to be left out.

Even my ignorance is an aspect of enlightenment.

I am so confused! The common people are everywhere!

I am so mixed up!

The common people are so active.

I alone am inactive.

Everyone has their use,

But as for me, I alone am mischievous and rough.

I alone am a stranger to the people,

For I suckle my mother’s breasts.

老 子:  「道 德 經」 :  第 二 十 章

    唯 之 與 阿 , 相 去 幾 何 。

之 與 惡 , 相 去 若 何 。

人 之 所 畏 , 不 可 不 畏 。
荒 兮 , 其 未 央 哉 。
眾 人 熙 熙 , 如 享 太 牢 , 如 春 登 台 。
我 獨 泊 兮 , 其 未 兆 ﹔
沌 沌 兮 , 如 嬰 兒 之 未 孩 ﹔
儽 儽 兮 , 若 無 所 歸 。
眾 人 皆 有 餘 , 而 我 獨 若 遺 。 我 愚 人 之 心 也 哉 。
俗 人 昭 昭 , 我 獨 昏 昏 。
俗 人 察 察 , 我 獨 悶 悶 。
眾 人 皆 有 以 , 而 我 獨 頑 且 鄙 。
我 獨 異 於 人 , 而 貴 食 母 。


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