The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 55


He who conserves his energy is indefatigable.
Such is the vital seed.
He is not injured by the animal poison.
He is not controlled by his instinctual impulses.
He neither grasps nor is grasped,
Making the hard soft, making the strong weak,
Yet his grip is strong.
He is without sexual desire towards men or women,
Yet thereby he becomes whole.
Also his energy is maximized.
Even in old age his voice is unfettered.
He knows perfect peace.
He voice is bell like.
It is alive and propitious.
The heart/mind makes his vital breath to speak with power.
The order of things is to wax and wane,
But this does not refer to the way.
Waxing and waning is not the immortal way.

:  「道 經」 : 

含 「 德 」 之 厚 , 比 於 赤 子 。

毒 蟲 不 螫 , 猛 獸 不 據 , 攫 鳥 不 搏 。

骨 弱 筋 柔 而 握 固 。

未 知 牝 牡 之 合 而 峻 作 , 精 之 至 也 。

終 日 號 而 不 嗄 , 和 之 至 也 。
知 和 曰 「 常 」 ,

知 常 曰 「 明 」 。

益 生 曰 祥 。 心 使 氣 曰 強 。

物 壯 則 老 , 謂 之 不 道 , 不 道 早 已 。

He who possesses righteousness in abundance
May be compared to a little child, naked and innocent.
Poisonous insects do not bite him.
Ferocious beasts do not seize him.
Predatory birds do not grab him.
His bones weak, his muscles soft,
Yet his grip is sure.
Too young to know the joining of the male and the female,
Yet in himself he is perfect and complete.
All night he cries, yet his voice is not exhausted.
He exists in a state of perfect harmony.
I say, to know this state of harmony with oneself is the ideal.
I say, to know the ideal brings clarity and insight.
I say, excessive vitality is ominous.
I say, excessive vitality leads to anger and the pursuit of power.
Yet the greater the excess, the faster the decline.
I say, this is not the method (tao).
That which is not the method leads to an early demise