The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 79


A truce between enemies invites enmity. Then how can goodness prevail?
Therefore the sage accepts the inferior part, blaming nobody.
The good man does his duty. The vicious man taxes others.
The universal way is impartial. Impartiality furthers the good.






The greatest truce must needs leave a residue of resentment,
But through pacification the situation can be improved.
Therefore, the sage takes the inferior part.
It is not his role to reproach people.
This is how righteousness exercises control.
Unrighteousness tries to control everything.
It is the cosmic method that controls everything.
Thus it supports the good man.

老 子:  「「道 德 經」」 :  第 七 十 九 章

和 大 怨 , 必 有 餘 怨 ﹔

報 怨 以 德 , 安 可 以 為 善 。
是 以 聖 人 執 左 契 , 而 不 責 於 人 。

有 德 司 契 , 無 德 司 徹 。
天 道 無 親 , 常 與 善 人 。