The Book of the Right Way by Laozi – 19


Extinguish sanctimoniousness, abandon sophistry, and the people will benefit a hundred-fold.

Extinguish sentimentality, abandon legalism, and the people’s sense of community and compassion will be renewed.

Extinguish cleverness, abandon profiteering, and there will be neither theft nor thieves.

Because he who holds to these three things is merely civilized, they are inadequate.

Therefore, let the people hold to what is fundamental:

See clearly and live simply, with little selfishness and few desires.

絕 聖 棄 智 , 民 利 百 倍 ﹔

絕 仁 棄 義 , 民 復 孝 慈 ﹔

絕 巧 棄 利 , 盜 賊 無 有 。

此 三 者 以 為 文 , 不 足 。

故 令 有 所 屬 : 見 素 抱 朴 , 少 思 寡 欲 , 絕 學 無 憂 。


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