Guru Yoga for Padmasambhava

This is a slightly stripped down paraphrase of the version by Losang Samten intended for independent English practitioners. As such it complements my self-ordination and ngondro rites. As Losang Samten acknowledges, there is no one “correct” version of this practice and there are many variants. Devotion to Padmasambhava however is the one essential object of guru yoga.



The Enlightened One is the teacher;
The teacher is the source of all good;
I go to the teacher for refuge.

The teaching of the Enlightened One is the teacher;
The teacher is the source of all good;
I go to the teacher for refuge.

The community of awakened ones too is the teacher.
The teacher is the source of all good;
I go to the teachers for refuge. 

Seed Teachers

In the sphere of supreme reality,
Buddhas of past, present, and future,
Oh you who directly manifest the mind
Of reality, the reality of mind,
I pray to the seed teachers. 


Moon, sun, lotus crowned,
Seed teacher, in whom
The three refuges
Are one, I see the
Precious Teacher,
With clear complexion
And youthful face,
Crowned and robed with brocade cape.

Dedication of Merit

May the energy
Freed by this act
Lead me quickly to
The state of the Lotus Born
And lead all beings
To the ultimate state.


Prayer to Padmasambhava 

Oh precious one of Oddiyana,
May we, without limit, obtain
A good state, the realization
Of our aims and both ordinary
And supreme attainments. 

Dedication of Merit and Prayers of Aspiration 

Glorious seed teacher, oh precious one,
Dwelling in the lotus that crowns me,
Gaze upon me with your compassionate grace
And grant me the attainments of body, speech, and mind. 

Seven-Line Prayer


From the Orgyen land north-west,
From the lotus pollen-hearted,
Having mind-expanding powers,
Lotus born, revered by men,
Darling of the fairy folk,
Just like you I too aspire.
Come to me and bless my work!
Guru Pema Siddhi Hung! 

Seven-Limb Prayer

Worshipfully I prostrate my body!
Worshipfully I prostrate my tongue!
Worshipfully I prostrate my mind!
Presenting voluminous clouds of every kind of gift, both physical and mental gifts.
I take responsibility for all my errors since beginningless time
And celebrate the essential goodness of the awakened ones and all beings.
I implore ye to remain until the end of time,
Turning the wheel of truth for all that live!
To thee I dedicate the goodness of myself and all beings
That all may achieve awakening!

Prayer of the Triune Buddha

Freed from duality, I see all beings as divine, luminous yet empty.
I invoke the teacher naturally, free of desire and attachment;
I invoke the Lotus Born of Oddiyana.

I hear all sounds as the sound of emptiness, without judgement.
Emptiness is the speech of the Buddha, without beginning or end.
I invoke the Buddha’s speech of sound and emptiness;
I invoke the Lotus Born of Oddiyana,

Not dwelling on the past or the future,
When thoughts settle naturally,
Liberation in the body of ultimate truth is attained.
I invoke the teacher of intrinsically freed awareness;
I invoke the Lotus Born of Oddiyana.

May my grasping at the world be purified.
May my fixation on the mind be liberated.
May the clear light that lies in-between be self-luminous.
Oh Buddhas of past, present, and future, by your compassionate means
May the minds of all sentient beings be freed. 

Mantra Visualization

The forehead of the Precious Teacher is
A crystalline OM whence rays radiate.
They pierce the crown of my head, washing
Away the taint of the actions of the
Body and vessels. The blessings of the
Diamond-Body are mine. The potential
for attaining the state of the Body
Of Manifestation is mine. AH shines
Like a ruby in the throat of the
Precious Teacher, from which rays radiate.
They pierce my throat, washing away
The taint of the karmas of speech and wind;
The blessings of Diamond Speech are mine.
The potential for attaining the state
Of the Body of Bliss is mine. Azure
HUNG in the heart of the precious teacher
Radiates rays. They pierce my heart, washing
Away the taints of the karmas of mind
And essence. The blessings of the Diamond
Mind are mine. The potential to realize
The state of the Ultimate Body is mine.

Vajra Guru Mantra 


The One Hundred Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva1

oṃ vajrasattvasamayam anupālaya vajrasattva tvenopatiṣṭha dṛḍho me bhava
sutoṣyo me bhava supoṣyo me bhava anurakto me bhava
sarvasiddhiṃ me prayaccha sarvakarmasu ca me cittaṃ śreyaḥ kuru hūṃ
ha ha ha ha hoḥ bhagavan sarvatathāgatavajra mā me muñca vajrī bhava mahāsamayasattva āḥā


Buddha of the Three Times

Precious Teacher, Buddha of past, present, and future,
Teacher of Great Bliss, source of all attainments,
Oh you wrathful one who subdues all negativity,
You remove all bars.
Grant us your sweet blessings.
May all outer, inner, and secret limits be overcome,
And may all our aims be realized. 


1 O Vajrasattva, protect the Samaya
May you remain firm in me
Grant me complete satisfaction
Grow within me (increase the positive within me)
Be loving towards me
Grant me all the siddhis
Show me all the karmas (activities)
Make my mind good, virtuous and auspicious!
The heart essence, seed syllable of Vajrasattva
Symbolises the four immeasurables, the four empowerments, the four joys, and the four kayas
The exclamation of joy at this accomplishment
O blessed one, who embodies all the Vajra Tathagatas
Do not abandon me
Grant me the realization of the Vajra Nature
O great Samayasattva
Make me one with you

(translation reprinted from

Further Study

Theory and Practice of Guru Yoga (Alex Berzin)

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