The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 17


Superiors are imputed to exist by their inferiors.
Next are the bureaucrats to which respectability is imputed.
Next are the tyrants.
Next are those who the people despise.
Belief begets unbelief,
Unbelief begets belief.
But the precious ones speak at their ease.
They have perfected themselves.
Thus, the common people think that they do everything themselves!


老 子:  「道 德 經」 :  第 十 七 章

太 上 , 不 知 有 之 ﹔
其 次 , 親 而 譽 之 ﹔
其 次 , 畏 之 ﹔
其 次 , 侮 之 。

信 不 足 焉 ,
不 信 焉 。
悠 兮 其 貴 言 。
功 成 事 遂 , 百 姓 皆 謂 : 「 我 自 然 」 。