Reality Is

The Absolute is the inherently paradoxical binary, simultaneously dual and transdual, both vertically and horizontally extended. The extension of the Absolute is samsara. Its ground is nirvana. Together, samsara and nirvana constitute the vertical axis of samsara – the paradox of the local and the non-local, differentiation and non-differentiation. Horizontally, it is the sheer proliferation of worlds, in time, space, and dimensionality, characterized by the ubiquitous point of view. The metaphysical point of view is the ultimate differentiation of the void or essential emptiness. Together, differentiation and non-differentiation constitute the ground. The metaphysical point of view is the deathless. It is pure temporal extension from which the mirage of spatiality arises. It is the universal unity. Abide in this, and thou art not far from the end that is also the beginning. Being is a circle. The circle is the point.