The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 16


Devotion to the void guards the unchanging truth.
Because I see everything as it is, I see its return.
Just as the artisan who creates form from mud, so does everything evolve out of its basis.
Truly, when I refer to the return to the unchanging basis, I refer to the return of life to its source.
When I refer to the return of life to its unchanging source, I speak truly.
Not to abide in illusion is terrifying.
Therefore, to know perfectly appearances as appearances is to be perfectly worthy.
Therefore, to be perfectly worthy is to be perfectly spiritual.
Therefore, to be perfectly spiritual is the ancient way.
Transcending corporeal life is not difficult.

老 子:  「道 德 經」 :  第 十 六 章

致 虛 極 , 守 靜 篤。
萬 物 並 作 , 吾 以 觀 復。
夫 物 芸 芸 , 各 復 歸 其 根 。
歸 根 曰 靜 , 靜 曰 復 命 。
復 命 曰 常 , 知 常 曰 明 。
不 知 常 , 妄 作 凶 。
知 常 容 , 容 乃 公 ,
公 乃 全 , 全 乃 天 ,
天 乃 道 , 道 乃 久 , 沒 身 不 殆 。