The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 15


In ancient times the scholars were virtuous.
Their knowledge was exacting, wonderful, mysterious:
Too deep to be understood,
Too solitary to be known.
Therefore were they known by their qualities:
Prudent, like crossing a river in winter;
Strategic, like being surrounded by enemies;
Dignified in manner;
Expansive, like ice melting in water;
Kind-hearted as a simpleton;
Empty as a valley;
Common as mud;
Still like open water;
Unstoppable as the wind.
Who can remain immersed in mire, yet stay pure?
Who can remain immersed in life, yet stay calm?
He who guards the way is without desire, yet perfectly content.
The solitary man is vacant.
Therefore he conceals himself, yet everything is renewed by him.

老子:  「道 德 經」 :  第 十 五 章

古 之 善 為道 者 , 微 妙 玄 通 , 深 不 可 識 。

夫 唯 不 可識 , 故 強 為 之 容 :     豫 兮 若 冬 涉 川 ﹔     猶 兮 若 畏 四 鄰 ﹔     儼 兮 其 若 客 ﹔     渙 兮 其 若 凌 釋 ﹔     敦 兮 其 若 朴 ﹔     曠 兮 其 若 谷 ﹔     混 兮 其 若 濁 ﹔     澹 兮 其 若 海 ﹔     飂 兮 若 無 止 。     孰 能 濁 以 靜 之 徐 清 。

孰 能 安 以動 之 徐 生 。     保 此 道 者 , 不 欲 盈 。

夫 唯 不 盈, 故 能 蔽 而 新 成 。