The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 10


Can you calm your restless soul, cherishing the one within you without losing your grip?
Can you focus on your breathing, making it soft and pliable like that of a little child?
Can you purify the mystery until it is perfect?
Can you love the land and govern the people, acting effortlessly?
Can you completely open the door of illumination, by means of the feminine energy?
Can you clarify emptiness, attaining the four states [or: Can you realize the emptiness of the four directions], perfect beyond thought?
It quickens the kine, yet is not objective.
It acts beyond time so there is no dying.
Truly this is called the mysterious power.

载 营 魄 抱 一 , 能 无 离 乎 。
专 气 致 柔 , 能 如 婴 儿 乎 。
涤 除 玄 鉴 , 能 如 疵 乎 。
爱 国 治 民 , 能 无 为 乎 。
天 门 开 阖 , 能 为 雌 乎 。
明 白 四 达 , 能 无 知 乎 。