The Book of the Right Way by Laozi – 8


The highest good is like a river.

The good water benefits the world without contention.

It goes where most men do not wish to dwell.

Therefore, it is almost like the way.

It turns the earth into a dwelling;

It turns the heart into a profundity;

It confers humanity, it is the truth of words;

It is the right way, it empowers all good things.

It acts in its own time.

The solitary man does not contend. Therefore, he does not stand out.

上 善 若 水 。
水 善 利 萬 物 而 不 爭 ,
處 眾 人 之 所 惡 , 故 幾 於 道 。
居 善 地 , 心 善 淵 , 與 善 仁 ,
言 善 信 , 政 善 治 , 事 善 能 ,
動 善 時 。 夫 唯 不 爭 , 故 無 尤 。


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