The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 7


Heaven is immortal; the earth is ancient.
They have this nature because of the primordial,
Because of the unborn.
Therefore the unborn gives birth to itself endlessly.
Truly, because the sage returns to the primordial
He realizes his personal immortality.
Therefore, he renounces his self
In order to find his self.

天 長 地 久 。

天 地 所 以 能 長 且 久 者 ,

以 其 不 自 生 , 故 能 長 生 。
是 以 聖 人 後 其 身 而 身 先 ﹔ 外 其 身 而 身 存 。

非 以 其 無 私 邪 。

故 能 成 其 私 。

1 heaven immortal earth ancient
2 heaven earth actually (place) because immortal moreover ancient being
3 because such not self-born
4 therefore can immortal born
5 truly because holy man put himself second comes first
6 outside such being yet being survive
7 not because such not to have such selfish nefarious
8 therefore can accomplish such selfish