The Book of the Right Way of Laozi – 4


The way is a torrent, yet to use it one may not be full.
The abyss (in which it runs) seems to be the forerunner of everything.
It dulls the sharp;
It clarifies confusion;
It softens the bright (or blends the light);
It seems to be the earth.
Perhaps the deep clear water will run forever.
I do not know its source.
It seems to be the first cause.

道 沖 , 而 用 之 或 不 盈 。
淵 兮 , 似 萬 物 之 宗 ﹔ 湛 兮 , 似 或 存 。
吾 不 知 誰 之 子 , 象 帝 之 先 。