The Book of the Right Way by Laozi – 3


If there are no rich, the people will not compete.

If goods are not hard to obtain, the people will not steal.

If there is no yearning, the heart of the people is without confusion.

Truly, where the sage rules the heart is free of vanity.

Filling their bellies, weakening their wills, and strengthening their bones,

Eschewing knowledge and desire,

The wise ones also will not dare to oppose this.

Thus they act without acting yet rule without ruling.

不 尚 賢 , 使 民 不 爭 ﹔

不 貴 難 得 之 貨 , 使 民 不 為 盜 ﹔

不 見 可 欲 , 使 民 心 不 亂 。
是 以 聖 人 之 治 ,

虛 其 心 ,

實 其 腹 ,

弱 其 志 ,

強 其 骨 。

常 使 民 無 知 無 欲 。

使 夫 智 者 不 敢 為 也 。

為 無 為 , 則 無 不 治 。


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