वास्तविकता सब है

1. Reality is the sky.
2. There cannot be anything anterior or additional to reality, nor can anything be outside reality, nor can it be doubted, for to doubt reality is to assert itself again.
3. Reality is perfection, since imperfection posits a reality beyond itself.
4. Reality is the transdual, since reality encompasses the whole.
5. The dual and the analytical can never exhaust reality.
6. Every system belongs to a larger, more inclusive system that explains it. Therefore reality is not a system.
7. Reality in itself is the non-rational and essentially mysterious and uncharacterizable activity.
8. Reality is experienced and characterized, and these too are reality.
9. Reality cannot be described, it can only be posited and experienced.
10. The proof of reality is the ineffable intuition of selfhood. There is nothing more primary than mind.
11. Therefore reality is sentience in itself, as well as reflexivity. It is the totality.
12. Reality is experienced as the polarity of differentiation and non-differentiation.
13. The interaction between differentiation and non-differentiation is lived reality.
14. Lived reality is the phenomenality.
15. The phenomenality manifests indefinitely originating and re-originating inter-complexity driven by the laws of cause and effect yet effecting novelty.
16. The phenomenality is primary and an essential aspect of reality.
17. The phenomenality has no definite beginning and no definite ending because it is time itself. How can there be a time before time?
18. To assert the contrary raises the problem of origination (i.e., theism), which is impossible to answer.
19. One of the combinations, multiverses or systems of multiverses that the phenomenality generates with no reason or motive whatsoever other than its own intrinsic infinite differentiation and sheer self-proliferation is the inclination to desirous attachment to phenomena based on the non-understanding of their essentially selfless and transitory flux. These are the 27 realms of the Rupa-loka and Kama-loka, driven by the law of cause and effect and intention.
20. In addition, there are four spheres of the formless world that are beyond form and desire, characterized by Space, Consciousness, No-thingness, and Neither Perception Nor Non-perception.
21. The Arupa-loka is the phenomenality sans desirous attachment that is the abode of Buddhas.
22. The Buddhas are the Immortal.
23. All of this exists together in reality.
24. Everything written herein, which is the salvific knowledge that is intrinsically efficacious and healing, is nonsense, yet heeded by the wise.
25. Therefore are the wise fools, and the fools wise.

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